You Want to Study Fashion Design?

So you want to be a fashion designer? To become a fashion designer you need to study at a well-known fashion school. You can choose just about any aspect of fashion design to study. To start with, your foundation year covers the basics and gives you a foundation, which prepares you for further study. Make sure that the course you have decided to take allows you to specialize in the subject you are most interested in.

Subjects that you may decide to specialize in, can include embroidery, textiles, lacemaking, machine knitting, foot wear manufacture, leather technology, womenswear, menswear, sportswear, knitwear, clothing textiles, fashion promotion and clothing engineering and management.

To get into fashion design as a career, can be difficult as it’s very competitive. So have a look at this checklist and see if you’ll be suited for this creative field. See how many of these you can answer with yes.

– I am passionate about clothes and fashion
– I am highly creative and ambitious
– I am skilled at visual expression including drawing, painting, modelmaking etc.
– I am interested in how clothes hats shoes are made
– I am determined and can see projects through to their completion
– I can work to deadlines
– I am a good team worker, but I can work alone
– I can organize and analyze material and make a reasoned critical judgment
– I am curious about and interested in society and washers around me

If you can answer yes, to most of those criteria, then you may be suited to fashion design as a career.

Exposing Your Business Brand By Promotional Items

Promotional products and corporate gifts are a great way to spread exposure of your businesses name. In an increasingly competitive workplace one needs more than good service and great products. It is essential that businesses develop strategies that will set them above competitors in terms of public awareness. Developing promotional products is one of the best ways to spread you brand name. This article will provide some ideas for promotional items and strategies for distributing said items. Promotional products and corporate merchandising is a terrific investment and well worth considering it is essential to stand out from your competitors and this is a great way of doing so.

Promotional Items

Stationery and cups etc.

The first step to promoting your brand should begin at the heart of any business, the office. Slapping your brand onto pens, folders, phone cases and mugs gives your workplace a look of uniformity and synergy whilst promoting professionalism to all outsiders and prospective clients who enter your workplace. Just think about it, imagine your employee sitting at their desk sipping coffee from a company mug whilst scrolling their mouse across a company mouse pad and taking notes with a company pen and saving their files onto a company USB. Your workplace is where your promotional strategy needs to begin.

Lifestyle Items

Bring your name to the people by branding items that will be used in their leisure time. Offering lifestyle items as giveaways is a great way to spread your company name. Lifestyle ideas include customised golf balls, bags, hats and umbrellas.

Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are a great way to thank clients and staff for their dedication and loyalty. Gifts such as watches and clocks are perhaps the best option as they provide an element of class and are an item that will be treasured and shown off.


Strategies for spreading promotional items are cast and there is no one way to approach them. From most people perspective however, nothing beats good old fashioned promotional give-a-ways. Putting together promotional bags to hand out ensures that your brand message will spread and with it your clients.

Promotional products and corporate gifts are a terrific way to promote your business. Follow the advice given in this article and you will be on the path to spreading awareness of your company and or product. The business environment may be getting more competitive but by implementing effective marketing strategies you are guaranteed to have your promotional pen sitting in your competitions hand as they offer you begrudging respect.

Reinforce Your Company’s Name With Promotional Gifts

Are you looking for fast and easy ways to get name recognition, advertising and more business? Promotional gifts are ideal for getting your name out into the public eye in a unique and memorable fashion. Promotional gifts are more than just trinkets and giveaway items. They are an important part of establishing a positive company image and a strong brand name. Here are some essential tips for reinforcing your company’s name with promotional gifts.

Enjoy Name Recognition
One of the many benefits of using promotional items for your company is name recognition. Your organization will enjoy heightened consumer exposure and increased contact with a larger consumer market. The more items you distribute, the more exposure and recognition your company can enjoy. When choosing promotional items for your company, it is important to select options that will be used or worn regularly, such as basic t-shirts, baseball caps, towels, tote bags and gym bags. These items are popular and useful in a variety of different situations. They will enhance your company’s name recognition and increase the likeliness that consumers will come to you first.

Choose High-Quality Products
If you choose high-quality promotional gifts, potential customers will associate your company’s name with excellence. Select items that are practical and don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to quality. If you choose apparel items like t-shirts and hats for promotional items, be sure to invest in the best embroidery or heat transfer services to customize these items. You want a crisp logo that will represent your company in a positive manner.

Distribute to a Large Audience
The more people who are exposed to your promotional gifts, the more likely you are to find new consumers or generate revisits from existing ones. Distribute your promotional gifts to a large and diverse audience. Choose venues like trade shows, expos, company picnics, and recruiting events that features high volumes of traffic and numerous opportunities to distribute your products. Interested parties may be young or old, members of your industry or not, but regardless, any opportunity to distribute your company’s promotional gifts is a valuable one.

Make a Unique Impression
Promotional gifts, especially ones that are practical and crafted from high-quality materials, are a unique way to making a lasting impression on potential customers. The modern consumer is heavily influenced by the extra steps a company takes to win their business. Promotional items are a unique and effective way to influence your general consumer base and tap into markets that you never imagined. If you choose unique promotional items, then you can expect a lucrative return on your investment.

Strategic distribution of promotional gifts is a great way to perform marketing and advertising. It breaks the mold of traditional print, radio, television and internet initiatives and gets right into the households of your consumers. Explore the amazing possibilities and reinforce your company’s name with promotional gifts. You won’t be disappointed in the results and the increased business that they can generate.

Promotional Goods – The Proliferation of Pleather

‘Pleather’ is a synthetic fabric made out of plastic. It is designed to have the texture and finish of leather. In some instances, it is used to cut costs due to the expensive nature of genuine leather. Many animal activists use it primarily because of their disdain for leather products and the process used to acquire them. There are many advantages to using this type of material. The aforementioned inexpensiveness is a prime example of this. Aside from that, it is easier to take care of these types of products compared to their leather counterparts. The ease in taking care of it also translates to a more durable and long-lasting product.

Many fashion designers prefer to use this leather look due to its versatile nature. Almost any kind of garment can be made using this material. Skirts, jeans, capris and pants are just some of the options available for fashion designers.

Animal activists are a common sight at leather fashion shows. They are there to protest the atrocities involved in obtaining the leather material and non-existent animal welfare laws in some countries. The increasing popularity of pleather has somewhat lessened the animosity between animal rights activists and the fashion industry. Activists argue that using this alternative material achieves the desired look and feel of actual leather without the mistreatment of animals. Other fashionistas are reluctant to give up using leather products because it compromises their fashion sense. Choosing the alternative offers them a viable product that allows them to support their cause at the same time.

The group “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” (PETA) offers a variety of these types of products to suit such a demand. One particular product they offer is a wallet with the slogan “Fake, for the Animals’ Sake” and the label “PETA”. Many other vegan-themed products are available in specialty stores. Some of these stores specifically sell animal-friendly products only.

The relative success of this alternative as a material opens up opportunities for promotional goods development. The need for massive amounts of leather goods for promotional purposes can lead to pricey propositions for some. The usage of this alternative offers a cheaper and equally viable alternative. Not all companies offer these types of products so looking for companies who make use of that material is necessary. Working with them to ensure that the specifications are met is simply part of the process. Regardless of the difficulties that may be involved, pleather offers another option in the ever growing market of gift products.

Promotional Bucket Hats Are a Trend Setter


It is important that businesses, far from falling behind market trends, become a part of the trend setting process. Obviously clothing businesses are the principal trend setters when it comes to the latest fashions and styles. But make no mistake, businesses can make themselves an active part of what is worn and what becomes popular.

We’re all fashion conscious to some degree. No one wants to look out of place. But consider this: wearing a John Deere cap was also a mandatory requirement for people in the agricultural trades during the eighties and nineties. John Deere didn’t go out of its way to be a fashion trend setter. But we have in John Deere a primary example of a business that shaped trends.

For the last thirty years, whether it be in the working sphere or the recreational sphere, clothing has been the main way businesses have developed their profile outside of the office or the sales lot. T-shirts and caps have led the way for most of the businesses concerned but now a new clothing line has positioned itself beside the very popular promotional cap.

Bucket Hats are very much a trend setter at the moment and if you want your business to become associated with what is contemporary then you could do a lot worse than promote on a fashionable and easy to wear bucket hat.

Bucket hats are an easy way to keep off the sun. They look great and the brim goes all the way around. For some, wide brimmed cricket hats are a bit cumbersome and a bit impractical for just putting on and wearing out. But bucket hats are fashionable and really have that trendy look you want.

Don’t just follow the trends the next time you go out. Set them and get that business name and logo displayed in the most fashionable way possible – with a bucket hat.

Promotional Sunglasses – Keeping the Sun’s Rays Out While Promoting Your Brand

One of the more fashionable ways for you to promote your brand is to use promotional sunglasses and other items related to it. Sunglasses can be worn by men and women and are good promotional items to give out since they are handy, they are fashionable, and people these days love wearing them. A pair of sunglasses with your company name or your product brand printed on the side or on the corner of one of the lenses can be a good way to help boost brand recognition for you. It can also be given out to employees during outdoor events to help boost the company name and help protect your employees’ eyes from the glare of the sun.

Sunglasses and Sunglass Accessories

There are a number of sunglasses you can use for your promotional sunglasses and as an additional treat, you can include sunglass accessories to the package. Here are some of the sunglasses and sunglass accessories you can use for your marketing strategy:

o Sports Sunglasses. These have a sporty look to them and can be used by men and women alike. These sunglasses are often made of a combination of either plastic and metal or all plastic and are lightweight and easy to carry around. These sunglasses usually have smaller arms and are sleek.

o Executive Sunglasses. These offer more of a classic design and usually comes in metallic colors or are made of lightweight metal frames with slim arms and sleek oval eyepieces. These are ideal for clients and some of the top brass in your company and can be given out as part of a promotional sunglasses package that can include sunglass accessories.

o Fashion Sunglasses. These are usually made for women and offer companies more printing room on the arms since these have wider arms that are more fashionable to look at. These kinds of sunglasses often come in shades of brown, black and other solid colors. The lenses of these sunglasses usually come in bigger round shapes and square shapes that are fashionable to wear.

o Sunglass Cases and Straps. Accessories for sunglasses can be included in your promotional sunglasses package. You can include cloth sunglass case with your company logo or name printed on it and a sunglass strap with the company’s name imprinted on the back of the strap. These can all be given out along with the sunglasses in one pack that can be placed in a see-through plastic bag during conventions, trade fairs and other similar events.

Promotional Products is a business dedicated to getting your company name and logo onto as many different varieties of product as possible. The more products that have your company name and logo on them, the more exposure your business gets. Promotional Products is about advertising through merchandise exposure.

How to Promote Yourself As a Fashion Designer

The fashion design business is full of talented young designers who are all hoping to catch their big break. In order to make it in the world of fashion design you need much more than just talent and style. You will need the determination to promote and market yourself until you get noticed. This article takes a look at some of the most popular things you can do in order to promote yourself as a fashion designer.

Create a Website

A website is extremely important for promoting yourself, your style and your work. A website will act as your very own 24 hour sales brochure, promoting you to people all over the world. It is essential that your website looks professional and that it reflects your own style. Therefore it is often important to hire a web designer to create the website for you. A shoddy and unprofessional website will often put off potential employers.

You will want your website to be easy to navigate, and you also want to make it clear to visitors how they can contact you. Links to your social networking sites are also recommended. You will also want to display your portfolio of work online. Make sure that all of your images are high quality, and that they upload quickly when a visitor tries to view them.

Social Networking

Social networking platforms allow you to promote yourself, and connect with other people all over the world that are in fashion the industry. Some of the biggest players in the social networking scene include Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

On Facebook you can create your own Facebook fan page. On the fan page you can display some of your fashion design drawings and creations, along with a link to your website or blog. You can then ask friends and family to ‘like’ your page. Once the word gets out you will find that people with an interest in your fashion designs will like your page and you can start to make a name for yourself.

Twitter is a social networking platform where you can share short bursts of information with other users. This can include simple things like what you are doing right now, and photographs or links to websites. You can build up a following of people who are interested in similar things to yourself.

YouTube is a huge platform that is designed to share your own videos. You can make videos sharing your ideas on fashion, or showcasing your latest designs or fashion purchases. You can also link this account to other social networking sites, blogs and websites.


A blog allows you to display your fashion design work and your personal thoughts with others. A blog is a great platform to put yourself out there and get yourself noticed. Many fashion designers have been noticed by creating a quality blog that shares informative content to the world. When it comes to promoting yourself and your work you just need to go for it. Never be afraid to express yourself and who you truly are as this is a big part of finding your way in the fashion industry. Good luck!

Promotional Pens As a Fashion Accessory

A promotional pen can indeed be a fashion accessory if worn in a pocket and displayed openly. We can think of two features of such a pen when talking about fashion. The first feature is that the pen used needs a built in clip and secondly, should have a distinguishing style or color combination that will be readily recognized as representing your company.

It is customary in some trades, to wear a pen on ones shirt pocket. The purpose is mainly as a fashion accessory signifying some technical rather than menial position in the hierarchy of work trades and positions. Since the practice is widespread, printed pens ordered with a color combination that can become a part of a company’s advertising medium and emblazoned with the company’s name would be a grand idea to the pocket fashion accessory pen.

Another use for such pens would be to keep one showing on ones appointment book. The promotional pens colours and company information would be entirely a fashion accessory to ones desk top or to materials brought to a professional meeting or to meet with a customer. As a matter of fact, most branded pens are rather like fashion accessories when used prominently in display cases, on desks, on worker uniforms and for other such business purposes.

Promotional pens as a fashion accessory should be a bit more flamboyant or looking rather expensive in a classic executive styling. However, whether just the same pens used as business gifts or significantly upgraded models, any promotional pen can be used as a fashion accessory.

For that matter, when one greets a clerk, their pen in their pocket is often the first feature of the person’s attire that ones eye catches sight of.

The Pen Warehouse is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of promotional pens and is based in the South East of England. The company prints all promotional pens and pencils in-house and orders can be turned around, printed with your corporate details in twenty four hours.

How To Become A Fashion Merchandiser

Many dream of entering into the glamour of a fashion career. Most dreams of such careers as fashion model or fashion designer. However a career in fashion merchandising can be very rewarding and self satisfying. It may not be easy to become a fashion merchandiser however with the right training and experience it can come about without much trouble for those who are willing to dedicate themselves to their career.

You might have a natural flair for being a fashion merchandiser. You will normally know if such a career is right for you. You may have felt it from a very young age as you have entered into dress shops or other clothing retail outlets. You have admired the way the clothes were put on display and respected the sales girl at the counter. Your friends may have admired your taste in clothing and frequently asked for your advice on what type of clothing they should wear.

If you are thinking of a career in fashion you might also want to think of ways in which you can be educated in the finer details of fashion merchandising. Often if you want to get into the high end of the market you may be expected to have a degree, diploma or at least a certificate to indicate that you have studied some of the more complex issues related to fashion merchandising.

From a perspective of fashion you might study areas of fashion designs, running a fashion boutique, textiles and the history of fashion. From a business perspective you might learn how to manage a business, including accounting, analyse market trends and how to make sales. You might even study human resources so that you might know how to recruit, train and manage your staff. Personal development courses will also be of interest and most beneficial in an area which concerns customer relations.

If you are taking fashion merchandising seriously you will want to keep up with the latest trends in the world of fashion. The world of fashion is in a constant state of change. Perhaps the most significant change over the last ten years is the introduction of the internet. Online marketing has become vital. Even those who do most of their work offline will normally need to know something of what is happening online. Many fashion gurus are now using the internet to assist them in their occupation. Indeed internet marketing has opened up a completely new world of how fashion is promoted and sold.

A career in fashion can open up many doors to other related occupations. One such occupation is that of being a webmaster. By webmaster it is meant that the owner promotes a website. It can be quite easy for you to set yourself up on a website as long as you make yourself aware and educated in emarketing. On the internet you can display your own products or you can become an affiliate marketer and promote other people’s products. There can be a lot of satisfaction in setting up your own website and displaying your own range of products or products owned by those you represent.

To get started with fashion merchandising on the internet it is good to become aware of available resources. There are sites that can provide you with an online education, sites that can provide you with the necessary infrastructure and sites, which will enable you to promote your products online. You can even extend yourself from the internet to off line activities and promotions. There is a lot of variety and a lot of opportunity to extend yourself into a lucrative and satisfying online fashion merchandising career.

Give Your Business a Difference With Promotional Jackets

Usually, promotional jackets have been used as corporate giveaways during holidays. This could be due to the mere fact these are best to be worn in winter time. Also, these promotional items come in different colors, designs and styles and could just be put on simply.

You can just imagine how much gladness an employee or customer will have when you give a fashionable promotional jacket. This could be a good chance for you to promote your company not only to the person you gave the jacket to but also to the people who will look at the person wearing the jacket. Your opportunity definitely has no limit. However, since this promotional product is not as cheap as your common promotional torches and pens, you have to take into account their impact on your clients to make your investment worth.

Promotional jackets may have higher market cost as they are hard to manufacture. But the best thing about them is that you will make your recipient feel that they are valued. In return, you will have good chances of getting support and patronage to your product and services. These jackets can generate a statement if perfectly matched with other good accessories. They are items that most companies use to speed up brand creation.

Promotional jackets are made durable to stand any fashion trends and generation. Like T-shirts, they can be imprinted with corporate messages, logo and artwork that the society can see once sported. A lot of jackets are used by people every day. They can stand out in a mob by laying out a particular design of your choice that would really catch attention.

You can always customize your promotional jackets to come up with one that is catered to your taste and requirement. If you are the kind who wants a well-designed jacket that can be unique for your company, this is always possible with the availability of customization services in the market nowadays. You can check on specialty shops to do the job for you. Just make sure to prepare a layout of the design that you want to be followed. You can use computer graphic software for this so you can come up with an effortless blueprint draft. It makes sense to save it in PDF so it will always be possible to edit it when you want to make some changes.

Jackets are regarded as a major commodity that is why you can see a lot of people wearing them across the globe. Choosing them as promotional products for your company would make a difference to your business.